Emotions and Pain

4312652Think about the times you are going through very stressful times in your life, not only is the stress mentally taxing, but we don’t feel well physically either. I often have patients come in all wound up over something and I have to treat their emotions to calm down their systems. It helps me read the other physical things I need to deal with, but they leave with not only a little pain relief, but calmness that they appreciate.

With the Koren Specific technique we can find the emotional triggers or even store houses within the body and get you to release the emotions instead of holding onto them. Holding on to emotions slow down the healing process, in fact often makes people sick by wearing out the immune system. We can hold emotions in any part of the body, I have seen anger stored in the low back muscles causing them to be tight. I have seen frustrations stored in upper back muscles. Again by releasing the emotion in the muscle we have a greater chance of eliminating that pain. The more obvious areas are stresses held in the shoulders, or stomach.

Most people aren’t aware of the emotions stored in their body until I tell them I found a particular emotion in this part. They then state they are aware of where it came from. And it doesn’t have to be something going on right now. Many emotions were set in the body during childhood, either way they are easily released with Koren Specific Technique!