About Dr. Mark Crosser

Dr. Mark, as most of his patients call him, began his chiropractic experience from the encouragement of his younger brother, who knew he wanted to be a chiropractor at a young age. Dr. Mark went to undergraduate school in Business Administration then worked 5 years in management with JCPenney. During this time his brother’s enthusiasm for chiropractic swayed him to go to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

After graduation he worked in the Midwest with another chiropractor before going back to Palmer to teach diagnosis and work with students in the clinic.

Always frustrated with those patients that don’t respond to care, Dr. Mark continually goes to seminars to learn new techniques. Then in 2002 while vacationing in Colorado, he had a freak accident when he fell 30 feet. This accident damaged both shoulders, punctured his right arm, caused five compression fractures in the thoracic spine, and multiple rib fractures. Now the manual adjustment that helped so many people was excruciating painful. But he knew chiropractic had an answer somewhere in which he could be treated with much less discomfort or no discomfort at all, and still provide the benefits of chiropractic.

After being treated a couple times at the seminar he felt better than he had since his accident. This technique was not only gentle on the body amazingly effective because of its diagnostic/preadjusting questioning. Instead of the doctor determining what to adjust, you utilize a form of muscle testing, which allows you ask questions to the patient’s body. Along with this unique analysis we learned the importance of the cranial bones, especially their connection to the emotional part of physical pain. This was a huge discovery, the affect that emotions have on releasing your physical pain. Especially when the pain began with an injury.

Because of his own serious injuries, Dr. Mark understands those that don’t want manual adjustments because they can hurt. Or those that fear having their necks adjusted, or had a previous surgery and don’t think a chiropractor can work on them. Or worry about having their baby adjusted. With the Koren Specific Technique and adjusting instrument all can be treated comfortably and effectively.

An important part of Koren Specific Technique is to check if there are emotions blocking the body’s ability to heal. We can do gentle tapping to specific points and easily and gently release emotions with very little effect to the patient.

Because of his own pain, he learned how certain foods if in the diet create an increase in the sensitivity of the neurotransmitters, thus create an increase in the pain level. By learning these things and taking those offending substances out of his diet, he was able to reduce his pain level quicker.

We can work with you in all these areas….so you too can have a more complete life with less pain and dysfunction. Contact us to get started.