Mind and body work together

This is why sometimes physical problems make you feel emotional, and conversely, sometimes emotional pain makes you sick! This is also why addressing both of these together gets such powerful results with many conditions that have remained unresolved with other approaches.

Damage accumulates like the layers of an onion

Have you ever noticed your physical problems got worse after an emotional event in your life?  In interacting with damage from the past, people are like onions; they have many layers of stress and trauma. The layers must be peeled away slowly and deliberately, in the proper order. We respect the order in which the body wants these traumas corrected, asking the body each step of the way, “What’s next?” Sometimes it’s current-time stress, sometimes an old injury or trauma from the past that never fully resolved and is activated by a current situation! Physical and emotional traumas are layered together and are interconnected. Either way, these obstacles block the person’s full self-expression and healing.  We may be able to help peel away some of those layers with gentle instrument adjusting combined with specific cranial bone adjustments.

What a win: resolution on both fronts!

For example, a woman who was seeing me for carpal tunnel came in one day with a stomach complaint. It turned out that the stomach symptom was related to her youngest child recently leaving home, and her feelings of despair about her “empty nest” and what life would now hold for her. Clearing the emotion along with adjusting her arm and neck allowed for a quick resolution of her symptom. She also felt more at peace about the major transition in her family life.

How many chronic physical ailments have an emotional component?

A vast amount. Respecting and clearing the mind and body together provides the exponentially cumulative effects of the work, removing the stress and tension that drag down the body and mind.

With the Koren Specific Technique, we can find the emotional triggers or even storehouses within the body and get you to release the emotions instead of holding onto them. Holding on to emotions slows down the healing process and can in fact make people sick by wearing out the immune system. We can hold emotions in any part of the body. I have seen anger stored in the low back muscles causing them to be tight and frustration stored in upper back muscles. By releasing the emotions in the muscle we have a greater chance of eliminating that pain. The more obvious areas that stress is held are the shoulders and the stomach.

Energy Medicine

The body’s energies are key to health, vitality, and well-being. Koren Specific Technique and energy medicine addresses the physical entity along with the energetic field that brings it to life. Long recognized by Eastern cultures and chiropractic subtle energy fields are only recently being detected, studied, and utilized by Western medicine. Energy medicine is transforming health care. A very practical way to tap into the effected emotions are having on you is through muscle testing, used by Koren Specific Technique, to determine the body’s response to an input.

Things that may affect your energy balance could include:

  • Having a fight or arguing with a spouse or partner.
  • A disagreement with someone at work.
  • Emotional trauma from an accident or event in your life.
  • The foods you choose to eat. If you have a sensitivity to them, it will throw off the energy balance in your body.


Treatment is just as easy; we ask where on the body to tap with the Arthrostim to release that specific emotion. Most people aren’t aware of the emotions stored in their body until I tell them I found a particular emotion in this part. Then they state where it came from and it isn’t always something going on right now. Many emotions were set in the body during childhood, whether a current emotion or one from childhood they are easily released with KST!

Does it always completely release? Typically not if there were multiple episodes of trauma and emotional trauma stored for a long time. The body will release only what is safe at the moment in the time we are working on you.

Often in a typical Koren Specific Technique chiropractic treatment, I check for emotions and release them. They test and feel like any Arthrostim adjustment.

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