Energy Healing

With the use of the Koren Specific Technique (KST), I will tap into your body’s energy system, similar to the way someone that manually muscle tests does. I can then tell if your symptoms have physical, emotional, or blocked energy or a combination of all three.

You hear the term energy healer frequently in some circles. I think of myself as more of a coach. I can help you by balancing the energy, but you and your body have to accept and process the change. Your logical mind is saying “well of course I will accept the change” but your subconscious mind and old habits/patterns that have been created in you since childhood are very comfortable and don’t want to change. So, changing those patterns can be uncomfortable and some may take time to change.

Through my own healing process and the various energy techniques I have studied, I will help you to change some of the old patterns that are causing imbalances in your body. This can give you the freedom to think and move on in your life easier than you ever have before.

I have many clients that have been “everywhere” and say I’m their last resort. Usually, it works out that I am the last person they need. They find my office through others that have been here. We are able to create a change in them that they were unable to find elsewhere.

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