Why are we even mentioning nutrition in regards to chiropractic? Because we are interested in finding and fixing all the areas within your body that is causing your condition.

Pain is aggravated with poor diet choices, especially sugar. Any consumption of sugar while you are being treated for the pain that brought you in is going to increase that pain level more than it should be, and it is going to slow down the healing process. Other foods that increase pain levels are: breads of all varieties, dairy and most things made with dairy, processed foods, and all foods sugars are put into.

2796843Secondarily, nutrition can include supplements. We can test your body using the muscle testing to determine if there are nutritional deficiencies within your body that is limiting your healing ability. For instance if your mid back pain is being aggravated by your stomach bloating/indigestion issues, we may never get rid of your back pain with chiropractic alone. We may need to test and give you a supplement to heal your stomach issue to remove the referred pain to your back.

I don’t do a complete nutritional assessment by any means. For more in depth health issues Melissa Tripp, RN is available. She will do a complete analysis of your diet and your body functions using nutrition response testing. Check out her website at