Headaches take on so many forms and can be in any area of the head, and almost any time of the day. But broken down into parts it tells a story to me. Typically morning headaches that are in the forehead are spinally related to the low neck or upper thoracic spine. Afternoon headaches that are on the sides of the head and/or the upper neck are spinally related to the upper cervical spine.

However, they are never that simple. By utilizing the Koren Specific Technique we can test the body for other factors. Those factors can be specific foods you are reacting to. Foods can be one aspect of diet, but the function of the intestines or stomach in processing those foods can be equally important. We can test for that also and show you the supplements that can heal and make the intestines or stomach function at a higher level.

Emotions play a significant roll in certain headaches. But for those with emotional components, unless dealt with, headaches continue. With Koren Specific Technique we can test and using the Arthrostim gently tap on the cranial bones and have your body to release its connection to those emotions. Usually with very little trauma and not having to re-live the experience again.

With Koren Specific Technique I use a form of muscle testing to ask your body what to adjust. I typically ask if the headache is spinally related, if it is, it tells me what vertebra to adjust. Once all spinally related problems are corrected with the Arthrostim, the next question is there a nutritional component to the headache. We test until we find the problem. Then we ask your body if there is a dysfunction in an organ that is leading to headaches. Again we find it and test for the nutrition needed to balance that organ system out. We then ask again if there are any emotional components leading to these headaches. And is so we again ask if there is a spot in the body we can adjust with the Arthrostim to gently release the emotion. All these areas are equally important to the complete recovery of your Headaches.

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